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Mex Money: Your one-stop shop for travel payments

Make your payments faster and easier, so you can focus on winning back customer trust. Deliver great customer experiences with the Mex Money platform – it’s configurable, flexible and scalable to your needs.

Challenges for the travel industry
Slow, inefficient processes

Using multiple providers to cover your payment options leads to more expensive, inefficient processes. And payments delays annoy customers even more than flight delays.

Difficulty managing merchants

Keeping oversight of multiple payments in multiple currencies across travel merchants is risky. Delays can be costly and damaging to those important supplier relationships.

Lack of customer trust

It’s never been more important to provide a great customer experience. And a poor, fragmented payment or refund experience will lead your customers on a one-way journey to your competitors.

Rising cost of payments

You process high volumes of transactions and are struggling to find competitive rates on all the payment methods you accept.

Travel: The Mex Money way

The API-first Mex Money platform puts all your payments processes in one place. This gives flexibility and reliability to your suppliers, your customers and you. And you’ll get real-time oversight, easy automation and 100% merchant acceptance.


And it’s seriously fast. As a principal issuing member of VISA, we offer an accelerated cards programme, making it easier and faster to set up and manage your physical and virtual card offerings.

We’re a directly connected participant of Faster Payments, which means we safeguard and settle funds at the Bank of England.


Combine this with our SLA-guaranteed platform uptime, you’ll know you’re not compromising speed and agility with reliability and security. And with access to SEPA, SEPA Instant and European IBANs, we can work in more territories than ever before.

100% merchant acceptance

Offer all payment options from Visa and Mastercard Virtual Cards, ensuring global merchant acceptance.

Reduce operating costs

Use Mex Money as your single platform to save time and money. Configure bespoke rules, split and sweep transactions, set real-time notifications and automate reconciliation. We also offer generous rebate rates.

Great customer experiences

We know payments experiences better than anyone. And we can help you deliver new and innovative services like Open Banking payments and recurring Direct Debits. With no need to use intermediary banks, and high levels of fraud prevention, it’ll be easier to delight your customers and business partners.

Total real-time oversight

The Mex Money platform offers full oversight of every part of your payments flows. You’ll also get real-time notifications of all your payment activities. You can reverse payments faster than your customers can change their mind.

Rethinking travel payments for 2022


The 2020s have been a difficult time for travel. There’s no getting round that. Covid forced people to change plans again and again. And, frankly, the travel industry wasn’t ready for it.


This is why Mex Money wants to use all its payments expertise to revolutionize travel. Imagine a future of personalized accounts, real-time reconciliation and notifications. Imagine not having your processes delayed by complicated payments for every part of your business. Imagine being able to keep travel merchants happy and informed while giving your customers the flexibility they need. And imagine being able to set up comprehensive virtual cards programmes even more quickly than by going to Visa directly.


There’s no need to imagine. That’s what Mex Money is offering right now. More control, more oversight and more flexibility, all wrapped up in a simplified process for you. And a better proposal for your customers.


Offer your customers more transparency, more control and more flexibility. Because the travel industry needs to move from delays to real-time.