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Diversity & Inclusion


At Mex Money we strive to make all things money 10x easier, useful, and more rewarding for everyone. Our workforce must be representative of our diverse customer base if we are to achieve this


A commitment to diversity and inclusion


MEX Money’s mission is to make all things money 10x easier, useful, and more rewarding for everyone, every day. Our workforce must reflect the diversity of our customers in order to achieve this Explore


Work environment


By seeking out talented individuals worldwide and creating an inclusive workplace, we can access the breadth of skills, abilities, and creativity we need to deliver exceptional and innovative products and services to our customers. Our company believes that an inclusive working environment enables everyone to reach their full potential and provide outstanding customer service. Our decision-making process is constantly shaped by all the experiences our employees bring with them. As an equal opportunity employer, we recruit, train, and promote based on individual aptitudes and skills.


Innovation on a constant basis


Connecting members, students, and alumni from diverse backgrounds and regions is at the heart of our partnership programs with community organizations and academic institutions. As a company, we are always looking for new ways to innovate, supporting big ideas from around the world. Our goal at MEX Money is to increase diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging for all.