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Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and sole traders

Know how you spend, then help yourself do it better. With all your accounts in one place and simple, categorized transactions, you are more able to plan ahead and budget, creating financial goals for the future.

  • Free plan available
  • Full data privacy compliance
  • 100% transparent costs
  • Commitment-free
  • Real-time spending overview
  • Debit Master Card included
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Overview Image

Small- to medium-sized businesses

We help our SME customers and help them grow. We offer a solution aimed at the 3 main issues all businesses face: money management, accessing lending and scaling their business successfully, or Buy, Operate & Sell.

  • Easy transfers
  • Deposit checks instantly
  • A powerful open API
  • Coverage around the world
  • Business without borders
  • Affiliates and partnerships

Large or enterprise level businesses

We put Corporate customers in charge of their finances with income and expense management. No credit history? No problem. We lend to corporates, armed with insight and in-depth understanding, and help them overcome their biggest obstacle: financial administration.

  • Corporate Cards
  • International Payments
  • Automated accounting
  • Request Features
  • Premium Support
  • Direct Debit
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Payments. Designed by you. Powered by us.

Business payments are clunky − costing you time, resources and customers. We provide an API payments infrastructure so you can efficiently automate and embed payments. Unlocking operational efficiency and revenue drivers. 

Merchant Services

Payments are the lifeblood of any business. The Mex Money platform adapts to suit your specific industry needs.

Alternative Banking

Quick-start your financial proposition with one of few non-banks to be directly connected to the Bank of England.


FinTechs are seizing opportunities, disrupting the status quo and delivering entirely new products.


Cryptocurrencies could reshape the future of finance. But the sector faces unique challenges.

Employment Services

Say goodbye to slow, unreliable and error prone contractor and employee payments. We provide the platform.

Travel Industry

Make your payments faster and easier, so you can focus on winning back customer trust.

Planning Ahead For Stress-Free Business

Mex Money allows SMEs to manage their day-to-day activities with the confidence that comes from foresight and planning.

One platform from which to synchronize all accounting and invoicing, create tax provisions, prepare for fluctuating cash flow and carry out their business, stress-free.

We’re simplifying business in a multi-currency world. Use Mex Money to quickly access virtual named accounts for your customers and collect, convert, pay and manage multiple currencies simultaneously — anywhere in the world.

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invoicing invoicing invoicing invoicing
invoicing invoicing

We always try to understand customers expectation

Mex Money gives visual insight about where every cent goes each month and the ability to benchmark with peers, whilst promoting smarter spending.




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The bank account that gives you more control

Cross-border and multi-currency payment infrastructure that empowers developers to innovate. Built by developers, for developers on a stable platform.

Fast remittance with the lowest cost. Smart & simple payment gateway. SMS text will keep up-to-date of your transactions online, 24/7.

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