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Save up to 30%* on our Merchant Card Processing.

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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

Cross Border Payment Solutions Built For You

Pay money globally with optimal efficiency. Choose from local payment options or international rails like SWIFT, then control the entire journey including automation, fee share, payment tracking and pay out currencies.

We improve International Payments For Our Customers

Re-imagine how money flows. Get money where it needs to go with embedded payment technology that enables speed and control across an extensive global network.

More Choice

Select from fast, secure payment methods at your fingertips, such as Faster Payments, SEPA, ACH and more where available.


Set your preferred payment routes and currency. Determine the share of fees you pass on to your customers, and use payment levels to monetize those fees.


Pay just one charge for each international payment you send with no hidden fees.


Ensure your money lands as quickly as possible with instant or real-time payments; enhancing cross-border payments.


Eliminate manual processes, reduce costs and ensure global payments land quickly in beneficiary accounts with streamlined, automated payments. 


Know where your money is through its entire lifecycle and when it reaches its destination via advanced SWIFT payment tracking.

Extensive Cross-Border Payment Network

Enjoy a vast payment network for SWIFT or local payments with transparent transaction fees and faster deposits. Upgrade B2B cross-border payments with Mex Money’s payment services.


Pay out in 36 currencies.


Send to over 180 countries.


Transfer same-day for dozens of currencies.

Payment Tracking

Use SWIFT gpi’s cutting-edge payment tracking tools via our API to enjoy the best self-service capabilities for you and your customers.


More than 40% of all payments land within 5 minutes.

1-2 Hours

Most payments land in under 1-2 hours.


Use Trace functionality for you and your customers.