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Save up to 30%* on our Merchant Card Processing.

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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

Mex Money Secure infrastructure

Best in class security built, protected and monitored by industry experts.

Our platform is built to meet the highest security standards throughout the entire ecosystem including all external parties – protected by best-in-class tools and third-party providers.

Our infrastructure is designed to ensure the highest level of data and system confidentiality, integrity and availability.

We consistently test all personnel and systems to ensure process and services are strong and resilient. 

Industry Compliance

We actively hold PCI Compliance to make sure all payment card information is safe from cybercriminals and hackers. We also comply with a number of other industry standards and regulations.

Collaboration with experts

We partner with industry-leading global cybersecurity providers to create robust security controls and protect our systems around the clock.

Customisable approvals

Flexible approval processes – add additional approval steps as the size of your payments increase, knowing that all payments were made correctly.