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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.


The exchange operation takes place two days after the transaction is concluded.

The exchange is made on the current day, or c+1, c+2 after the conclusion of the transaction, according to in advance coordinated course.

✅  Individual exchange rate, if exchange operation exceeds 5 000 EUR or equivalent amount in another currency.

✅  Possibility to leave order in a Bank for currency conversion’s, to convert the currency when the rate will be the best for you.

✅  Currency exchange deals can be made weekdays from 09.00 to 18.00 


A currency is sold and purchased between 3 business days and 1 year after concluding the transaction.

Exchange deals, which allows to sell or buy a particular currency, in period of 3 Bank’s working days till 1 year after the deal date, in accordance with pre-agreed rate.

✅  Free of charge

1, Open a current account

2, Conclude an FX agreement

3, Fill out a client questionnaire (legal entities should also fill out a LEI order)

4, Place a security deposit with the Bank at 5-20% of the transaction volume

Fx Swap

An agreement is concluded with the Bank to exchange currencies at a specific rate.

Deal by which you enter into an agreement with the Bank to exchange currency at a certain rate and at the same time agree to a specific time to return the Bank to the amount in the initial currency at a fixed rate.

✅ Eliminates the possibility of getting losses on exchange.

✅  Allows to get the missing currency, exchanging her surplus funds in another currency without getting currency risk.

✅  Ability to change the date of the deal and move to a more comfortable and convenient time.

✅  Free of charge.