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Save up to 30%* on our Merchant Card Processing.

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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

Our Management Team

A Team of Diverse And Talented Leaders

Louis Roche CEO
Salem Kattoura Director
Hisham Ayamu COO
Dmitrii Shelekhov CFO
Melda Nasri Legal Dept
Layan Ghanoum Operations
Blanca Baturone Marketing
Reema Hussein Senior HR

Why Choose us

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    The pillars of our business include honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Therefore we pledge to provide the most competent advisors while offering the best support system.

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    Our certifications and credibility stand for themselves, so why settle for the old financial services model? Come join a firm where your interests come first. We are always on call.

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    At Mex Money, our mission is to provide a seamless and innovative banking experience that empowers individuals and businesses to take control of their finances.

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