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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

Mex Money 3DS Adapter

Strike a balance between utmost security and frictionless checkout with Mex Money 3DS Adapter. Our solution enables you to process payments in compliance with all the current regulations while achieving a high approval rate due to the advanced authentication step’s invisibility for your clients.

A Single Solution to All 3DS Challenges

Switching to 3-D Secure can be challenging for both merchants and consumers. 3DS Adapter makes the transition smooth and offers the following benefits:

Outstanding Authentication Rate

Achieve an authentication rate of 95% and above by simplifying the verification process, eliminating the chance of SMS PIN entry mistakes, and minimizing the number of checkout abandonment instances.

Advanced Data Parameters

Customize the checkout process with many parameters to match your preferred risk and regulatory factors.

Regulation And Compliance

The 3DS Adapter conducts Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) unnoticeably for the clients, ensuring that the merchants are compliant with the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

Optimized Performance Across Channels

Our solution is optimized for web, mobile, and in-app transactions, ensuring top user experience across channels.

Frictionless Authentication to Boost Your Sales

Mex Money has designed an authentication solution that is simple, secure, and seamless. We conduct all the additional security steps behind the scenes, enabling your clients to enjoy a frictionless payment process.


Hence, the checkout takes only a few clicks for the users to complete:

The cardholder proceeds to checkout
Authentication is completed unnoticeably for the client
The transaction gets sent for processing

Before And After 3DS Adapter

The journey of switching to 3-D Secure can be a long and rocky road since it is a concept neither merchants nor consumers are widely familiar with. The bundle of features offered by Payneteasy 3DS Adapter smooths over the obstacles in the authentication process.

The bundle of features offered by Mex Money 3DS Adapter smooths over the obstacles in the authentication process.

Tokenized data, scrambled phone numbers, and alias emails go to the CRM and to the operator.

Without 3DS Adapter
• Additional authentication steps faced by the clients.
• A drastic change in the broadly adopted authentication methods.
• Increased decline and abandonment rates.
With 3DS Adapter
• Advanced authentication unnoticeable to the consumers.
• Seamless integration without the need for user adjustments.
• Seamless integration without the need for user adjustments.

Take Your Checkout Process to The Next Level

3DS Adapter is a fully PSD2-compliant and easy-to-integrate solution designed to match the needs of:

Make the most out of your sales channels with a secure yet simple payment authentication process!
Scale your business effectively with Payneteasy! We enable you to offer secure, flexible, and frictionless 3DS authentication to your merchants at an affordable rate.

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