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This guide outlines all the APAC countries and territories we can collect funds from once you or your customers are onboarded with Mex Money. 


You can collect funds from 180+ countries and territories worldwide and this list is reviewed and updated periodically in line with market and regulatory conditions. 


In some cases, you may need to apply to receive funds from certain countries/territories and these are clearly marked throughout.


Please speak to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager if you need more information.






(1) American Samoa (ASM)* (21) Japan (JPN) (41) Philippines (PHL)
(2) Armenia (ARM) (22) Kazakhstan (KAZ) (42) Pitcairn (PCN)
(3) Australia (AUS) (23) Kiribati (KIR) (43) Samoa (WSM)*
(4) Azerbaijan (AZE) (24) Kyrgyzstan (KGZ) (44) Singapore (SGP)
(5) Bangladesh (BGD) (25) Lao People’s Democratic Republic (LAO) (45) Solomon Islands (SLB)
(6) Bhutan (BTN) (26) Macau (MAC) (46) South Korea (KOR)
(7) British Indian Ocean Territory (IOT) (27) Malaysia (MYS) (47) Sri Lanka (LKA)
(8) Brunei Darussalam (BRN) (28) Maldives (MDV) (48) Taiwan (TWN)
(9) Cambodia (KHM)* (29) Marshall Islands (MHL) (49) Tajikistan (TJK)*
(10) China (CHN) (30) Micronesia (FSM) (50) Thailand (THA)
(11) Christmas Island (CXR) (31) Mongolia (MNG) (51) Timor-Leste (TLS)
(12) Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CCK) (32) Nauru (NRU) (52) Tokelau (TKL)
(13) Cook Islands (COK) (33) Nepal (NPL) (53) Tonga (TON)
(14) Fiji (FJI) (34) New Caledonia (NCL) (54) Tuvalu (TUV)
(15) French Polynesia (PYF) (35) New Zealand (NZL) (55) United States Minor Outlying Islands (UMI)
(16) French Southern Territories (ATF) (36) Niue (NIU) (56) Uzbekistan (UZB)
(17) Guam (GUM)* (37) Norfolk Island (NFK) (57) Vietnam (VNM)
(18) Hong Kong (HKG) (38) North Mariana Islands (MNP) (58) Wallis and Futuna (WLF)
(19) India (IND) (39) Palau (PLW)  
(20) Indonesia (IDN) (40) Papua New Guinea (PNG)  

*  The countries and territories marked with an asterisk require additional approval and are not available to all clients. Please speak to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager to apply to collect funds from these countries/territories.