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Save up to 30%* on our Merchant Card Processing.

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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

Make crypto mainstream with Mex Money

Seamlessly integrate with the fiat world and supercharge your crypto, blockchain and DeFi offerings. Whether you want an instant fiat on/off-ramp or to run a full-scale fintech super-app with crypto at its heart, we can support you with secure, transparent real-time transactions.

Do these problems sound familiar?
Banks can't support (or understand) crypto

You need support from an organisation that truly understands the crypto industry and offers the scalable payments infrastructure required to succeed… and they’re just not out there.

Slow, error-prone fiat channels

You rely on customers to correctly enter their reference details for every payment - if they forget or make a mistake this leads to manual matching, reconciliation issues and delays.

Payment delays and poor UX

Customers want instant crypto experiences, but receiving funds takes hours or days. By which point, price points have changed and you may lose your customer, or even put off non-crypto-natives entirely.

High transaction costs

When customers want to purchase crypto or top up their wallets, both you and them are stung by costly fee structures, while you also have to manage fraud risk and chargebacks associated with card payments.

One platform for all payments

Mex Money makes it easy for you to accept fiat payments and launch new payment products, all while delivering a brilliant customer experience.


We’re talking things like instant notifications, Confirmation of Payee, and support for Open Banking payments, along with virtual and physical card issuing.

We’ll provide you with the robust, scalable payments infrastructure you need to process high volumes of fiat transactions and rapidly deploy new products and services.


And while we handle the fiat services, making sure that it’s all licensed and compliant with regulations, you can focus on your crypto services.

Unlimited customer accounts

Open an unlimited number of accounts for retail and institutional customers to hold fiat balances, so they can trade, invest and spend easily.

Faster and automated reconciliation

Use programmable rules and instant notifications to assign payments to customer accounts, speeding up reconciliation, reducing errors and providing fast access to crypto.

Virtual and physical cards

Differentiate your proposition with the ability to offer both virtual and physical cards, giving customers more ways to spend funds they hold with you.

Improved customer engagement

Following the sale of crypto, fiat can be deposited in a customer account instead of their bank account, encouraging more engagement with your app. And you can pass on savings instead of losing out to transaction fees.

Offer a fintech super-app


Payment Initiation, powered by Mex Money and enabled by Open Banking, helps you deliver an outstanding customer experience and stand out in a fiercely competitive marketplace.


Make your app a one-stop shop, where customers can make instant or recurring investments and top-ups directly from their bank. Access funds immediately, without chargebacks and with a reduced risk of fraud compared to only offering card payments.


Mex Money’s Payment Initiation operates on a flat fee structure, so you don’t have to pay a percentage of each transaction as you would when accepting card payments. This can amount to significant savings as your business grows.


And issuing virtual or physical cards to your customers still allows you to deliver a cutting-edge crypto and fiat banking experience, helping customers to use their accounts in day-to-day spending.


We can offer this through our Principal Membership of Visa and connections into the entire card ecosystem, so you don’t need to build this out yourself.