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Save up to 30%* on our Merchant Card Processing.

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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

Fintegrate Payment Cashier System

Consolidate your payment service providers into a unified smart cashier management system.

• Single interface for multiple payment service providers (PSPs) management.
• Smart and flexible payment strategy.
• Increased acceptance rate.

Advanced Routing And Cascading

Risk Management

Amazing Up-Time

Reporting And Reconciliation

Real Time Support

Faster PSPs' Integrations

Fintegrate - Top Solution for Maximizing Your Key Employees' Performance


Checks figures are accurate and in agreement with decided parameters. Reconciliation with Merchants and Banks: • Automatic reconciliation updates via API • Finds inconsistencies between data and lists them clearly • Ready-made or customized reports on any transaction types and time intervals.

Payment Managers

All info consolidated from various payment service providers (PSPs) to one management interface • Unified Reports & Statements - from all your PSPs combined traffic • Profit reporting — analytical tools to instantly track earnings • Identified decline reasons — per each processor.

Risk Managers

Over 70 Anti-fraud and risk filters with machine learning capabilities • Set transaction limiting policy • Ethoca Integration – prevents chargebacks & protect payment channels

Your Payments

• Set rules for automatic wire generation.
• Generate wires.
• Capture wires.
• Invoice.
• Auto status tracking.

Faster PSPs’ Integrations


Fintegrate has over 350 integrations with different payment service providers, including international credit cards, local debit cards, APMs, wire transfers (with automatic invoicing) and Crypto as well. Additionally, upon integration, merchants can set their unified dynamic payment page according to countries, currencies, languages, etc. so their customer will get the optimal payment page suitable for him.


Empowered by the Mex Money engine, Fintegrate provides a PCI DSS level1, bank-grade environment. Integrating means adding a technological “flexibility layer” to your operation, which will allow you to add new PSPs and APMs very quickly and easily, as well as all other payment integrations.


• Accept crypto payments
• Withdraw cypto payments
• Add new cryptocurrencies quickly and efficiently

Fintegrate will allow the key employees in your company to maximize their performance.

• Mex Money services – Payment Gateway PCI DSS Level 1.
• Integrate new Payment Providers fast.
• Increase acceptance rates.
• Optimize payment strategy.
• Gain the financial monitoring tools for traffic management.
• Reconciliation with Payment Providers.
• Fast and easy integration to your CRM, unlimited brands.

Cost-effective transaction flow

Be completely in-the-know regarding efficiency and overall cost of each payment provider. Make educated and cost-effective decisions for your traffic distribution.

Cost-effective transaction flow

We constantly add new features based on innovative payment trends, so your business always be boosted by the most progressive solution.

The powerful Anti-fraud system

Safeguard your business from fraud, prevent disputes and be aware of the most up-to-date tools with Payneteasy risk management system.


Having such a business protection system at hand relieves you from the need to deal with third-party systems to combat fraud.


Improve your payment flow and reduce the potential impact of fraud with:


• 150+ customizable filters
• Behavior analysis
• Seamless Ethoca & Verifi integration
• Dispute management tools.

Find out more how Mex Money Advanced Risk Management System can reduce fraudulent transaction.