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Save up to 30%* on our Merchant Card Processing.

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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

Mex Money Customer Portal

Manage payments and accounts in one dashboard.

The Mex Money customer portal offers an online gateway to quickly initiate payments, manage approvals and fund accounts.

All these functions come wrapped in an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.

Whether using our services directly or as a referral, strategic or platform partner, we’ve got the programme that works for you. 

Accountants, take advantage of multi-accounts and beneficiaries so you can keep track of who accesses what.

Manage accounts in one place

Manage multiple accounts and beneficiaries all in one dashboard using our secure and intuitive Mex Money customer portal.

Make payments with confidence

Have confidence in making payments for your business with a secure permissions model that can be tailored to your business needs.

Delegated approvals

Initiate multi customer approvals with a click of a button - let Modulr support your complex workflows.