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Save up to 30%* on our Merchant Card Processing.

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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

Power-boost your lending processes with Mex Money

Want to reduce your operational costs and give a better customer experience? Use Mex Money’s API to embed automation into your payments processes, making it easy to manage repayments and reconciliation (even the complex ones). All in real-time. So you can focus on growing your business.

Do these problems sound familiar?
High costs and inefficiency

Card-based payments bring extra fees and make timely repayments hard to guarantee. And if they fail, it means a slow, manual process for repayments.

Legacy infrastructure slowing things down

You’re under pressure to approve applications and disburse loans quickly, but manual payments processes are slow and inefficient – and manual errors cause major problems.

Complex payment flows

You’re dealing with inbound investor funds and borrower repayments, making payment consolidation unnecessarily difficult and time-consuming.

Unanticipated payment delays

System outages or manual errors can cause delays in repayments and disbursements, impacting both borrower experience, misapplied interest and cashflow.

One platform for all payments

Mex Money’s API-based platform makes it easy for consumer and business lending companies to disburse loans at speed, track borrower repayments and reduce operating costs.

Offer your borrowers and investors a faster, more reliable service and gain a competitive advantage – all while reducing your costs and time spent on manual processes.

Real-time onboarding and payments

24/7 availability with industry-leading SLAs, automated processes and webhook notifications means faster onboarding, faster disbursal and better customer experience.

Simplified payments reconciliation

Easily create individual accounts for each investor and borrower and use programmable rules to speed up payment reconciliation. And reduce costly manual errors. And notify them in real-time.

Cheaper payment options

Card fees can become expensive. By using open-banking-based payment initiation, you can pay a flat fee per transaction instead of a percentage. And there are no chargebacks. On top of all of that, it makes refunds easier if anything does go wrong.

Improved borrower experience

With open banking payment initiation, trackable direct debits, confirmation of payee and card payments, you can offer customers a wider range of options, making it eaier for them to repay.

Enhance the borrower experience

In a fiercely competitive market, standing out isn’t easy.


The key is providing the best possible experience to borrowers. And that means speed, reliability and transparency.


This means disbursing loans in real-time. It means getting reconciliation right, so unusual or extra repayments aren’t overlooked. And it means real-time notifications, so customers know they aren’t going to be charged unfair interest while payments are processed.


We know how complicated it is, which is why we make sure Mex Money gets it right. With an API-based platform that embeds and automates your payment processes, and an unrivalled level of up-time,, you can make sure that you offer the best service every time.