M e x M o n e y


Save up to 30%* on our Merchant Card Processing.

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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

In-person payments

Processing rate


1.00% + VAT


per transaction

  • Contactless  payments


  •  Chip and PIN payments


  • Mobile payments including Apple Pay & Google Pay


  •   Square Point of Sale app
    Payments using Mex hardware
  • Mex for Restaurants
    Start free or upgrade to €39/mo per location with unlimited devices


  • In-person payments APIs
    Terminal API & POS API


  • Mex Appointments
    The point-of-sale solution for bookings, payments and more

Online payments

Processing rates starting at


1.0% + 25c + VAT


per transaction with
EU + EEA cards


2.0% + 25c + VAT


Per transaction with
UK and non-EEA cards

  • Mex  Online
    Start free or upgrades starting at €10/month


  • Mex Online Checkout


  • Online Payments API
  • In-app payments SDK


  • eGift cards


  • Subscriptions

Remote payments

Processing rates starting at


2% + VAT


per transaction

  • Manual Card Entry at 2% + VAT


  • Mex Invoices at 2.5% + VAT
    No monthly subscription fee
  • Virtual Terminal at 2.5% + VAT
    Per type-in transaction


  • Card on File at 2.5% + VAT
    Recurring payment transactions

Included with Mex Money

Mex Money Point of Sale app

Fund transfers as soon as next working day

Real-time analytics

Customer support

Inventory management

Fraud prevention

Dispute management