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Save up to 30%* on our Merchant Card Processing.

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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

Special tailor-made projects

Mex Money can provide a solution to any payment need you might have. With flexibility and customization as our main strengths, you can be sure that we can cater to any challenge you encounter.

• Full project outsourcing, research, planning, implementation.
• Based on Payneteasy technology.
• Quick project implementation.


We'll equip you with all the tools needed to achieve your project's goals – market analysis, project plan, and on-going support.


Mex Money has extensive experience customizing payment solutions.
Chances are your project has already been created, and we may just need to do some fine tuning for you.
If not, we're ready to work, and with our know-how, we'll get it done in no time.

Fast and effective project launch

No need to waste time. We're ready to go.


Mobile cash register for small and medium-sized businesses. Cassby uses the Mex Money mPOS & POS SDK solution as a base for its business: easy to use cash register with mPOS & POS terminals that provide credit/debit cards’ accepting. Fully white label solution.


An access control system developed by Payneteasy specifically for international payment system.

Loan Repayments

A loan repayment service developed for owners of cards issued by international payment system. The service is powered by a technology that significantly reduces money transfer costs and increases the service attractiveness. Mex Money payment gateway has become the central link of the service.

Loan Repayments

A project for a PSP, which helps microfinance institutions to issue loans via the Internet to customers using credit / debit card. Clients’ scoring, fraud management, multi acquiring for loan issuing, recurring payments. Since 2014 more than 75% of Russian and CIS MFOs use this solution.

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