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Save up to 30%* on our Merchant Card Processing.

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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

At Mex Money, our mission is to provide a seamless and innovative banking experience that empowers individuals and businesses to take control of their finances.


We believe in leveraging technology to make banking faster, more convenient, and more accessible to everyone.

Louis Roche

Chief Executive Officer

Our focus is on creating a personalized and intuitive platform that offers a full suite of financial services, while prioritizing transparency, security, and exceptional customer service.

Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the banking industry by challenging traditional models and delivering a truly modern banking experience for the digital age.

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    As a privately held entity, we are dedicated to our clients, not shareholders. At the same time, we are socially minded and motivated, striving to improve the world by investing globally in development projects.

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    Our certifications and credibility stand for themselves, so why settle for the old financial services model? Come join a firm where your interests come first. We are always on call.

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    We take a fiduciary approach to our clients, offering a platform of multi-tiered advisory to ensure the best services for your account.