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Here are some ways we help our planet 🌎


Sustainability at MEX Money


Our mission at MEX Money is to shape the future of financial and lifestyle experiences by changing how people use and interact with technology. It is imperative for a company to align itself holistically with the needs of the future – not just economic needs, but also environmental and societal needs. MEX Money is committed to putting global sustainability at the centre of everything we do.


Tackling climate change

We all have a responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of our communities and the recovery of our planet in the face of climate change. Our goal is to build the first truly global financial super app while reducing our own environmental impact as much as possible, so that our customers are able to control their environmental impact.


Measuring our carbon footprint

The fact that we offer all our services digitally and don’t have physical branches allows us to keep emissions from our facilities’ usage to a minimum. Nonetheless, our regular business activities still contribute to climate change, We measure our carbon footprint in line with industry standards, following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and including all Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in our calculations.


Carbon footprint


Our emissions


Scope one

direct emissions – less than 1% of our footprint


Scope two

Indirect emissions, for example, the emissions associated to the production of the electricity we purchase – less than 5% of our footprint


Scope three

Emissions owned by our suppliers that MEX Money doesn’t directly own – 95% of our footprint.


Carbon footprint breakdown

Our projected carbon footprint for 2023 is broken down by major categories below. Since our company is still growing, we would like to give everyone visibility into how our operations are evolving over time.



Reducing our impact

Redesigned packaging uses less material, is plastic-free, and is fully recyclable. Our offices across all locations sort and recycle waste. As a tech company, we put great value on what we do with our IT equipment: whenever we can, we donate or refurbish redundant electronic equipment when it reaches its end-of-life. We ensure that none of our electronic equipment ends up in a landfill and that it is properly disposed of if it cannot be refurbished or reused. As a result of our flexible working policies, we are reducing the size of our offices. Our EU employees have access to the Cycle to Work scheme to encourage eco-friendly transportation.


Partnerships and donations

We make it easy for our customers to participate in the change. To stop climate change, help war refugees and advocate equal rights for all, we support and run donation campaigns to NGOs and groups.