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The RT Agreements system is designed to automatically repeat transactions at pre-determined intervals for either a fixed number of intervals or indefinitely. If you require this to be enabled on your Merchant ID, please contact Support.

You would use a Recurring Transaction (RT) when you want to process additional payments against card details you have already obtained from a previous transaction.

The system handles both Card On File Recurring Transactions (COF RT) and Continuous Authority Recurring Transactions (CA RT).

Merchants who use this system to implement billing or subscription type payments are encouraged to use Continuous Authority (CA) transactions to comply with Card Payment Scheme practices.

You are able to search for a specific RT Agreement if required using the ‘RT Search Box’. The search box allows you to find an RT Agreement by date, status, agreement name etc.


You can choose your date range in a number of different ways. Using the drop down menu, you can choose from predefined date ranges like Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, Last 3 Months etc. These predefined date ranges are useful for quickly seeing all RT Agreements from the last three 3 months for example.

You can also choose your date range manually by using the 2 date range boxes. Choose the start date and end date for which you want to view RT Agreements from and then select Update List.

You can also search for specific types of information such as Agreement Name, Cycle Amount etc. Using the advanced drop down menu, you can choose what you wish to search for.  The available search criteria are:

  • Agreement Name
  • Policy Ref (MPRN)
  • Cross Reference
  • Description
  • Unique Reference
  • Merchant ID
  • Merchant Name
  • Cycle Amount

The columns displayed on the main RT Agreements page are:


View – View details of the Agreement selected
View Txs – View all transactions from this Agreement
Stop – Stop the Agreement from running

ID: The Rule ID for the Agreement.
Name/MPRN: Agreement name and Agreement Policy Reference Number.
Description: Masked Card Number of Cardholder and Cardholders name.
Start Date: Date the Agreement began.
Schedule Type: Type of payment scheduled being ran. Fixed or Variable.
Payment Count: How many times the Agreement has ran.
Initial Payment: Amount and date of initial transaction.
Cycle Payments: Amount of agreed payments and occurrence.
Final Payments: Final amount agreed and date.
Next Payments: Upcoming payment amount and date.
Balance: Amount processed so far.
State: Status of Agreement –

Running – Active
Pending – Waiting to process
Stopped – Inactive