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All reports (whether created via the automatic system or manually requested from the Transactions/Invoices tabs) will be stored within the ‘Reports’ tab on the MMS and they will remain available to download until the user’s storage allowance is exceeded. Once the storage has been exceeded the oldest reports will be deleted to allow the latest reports to be created and stored.

A breakdown of the report table is below:

Action: Download or delete the report from here.

Reference: The reports unique reference given by the database.
Requested: The time and date which the report was requested and downloaded.
Details: The type of report which has been downloaded.
Description: Overview of the report exported and the file format.
Period: The time-frame included within the report.
Filtered: Whether the report has been filtered using the ‘Advanced Filters’.
Records: Number of rows within the report.
Size: Total file size of report.
State: Status of report.
Download: Button to download the required report.

Users can delete their own reports. They first need to locate their report under the Reports tab and then click the Action dropdown and select ‘Delete’