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US PCE price index y/y: 4,2% vs 4,1% exp. and 5,0% previously

US PCE price index m/m: 0,1% vs 0,1% exp and 0,3% previously

US Core PCE y/y: 4,6% vs 4,58% exp and 4,6% previously

US Core PCE m/m: 0,3% vs 0,3% exp and 0,3% previously

US Consumer spending data: 0% vs -0,1% exp and 0,2% previously

Core PCE inflation is falling slower than the analyst consensus expected. The overall trend against CPI readings is of course still pointed downward. However, the loss of downfall momentum may herald that price pressures are becoming entrenched at levels that are too high. In that case, the Fed would have a much more difficult job to do. Source: XTB

The first reaction of US100 on PCE data is mixed. Source: xStation5