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Wix.com Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX), a leading global SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence, today announced an extended partnership with Stripe to bring Tap to Pay on iPhone to U.S.-based Wix merchants.

This enables Wix merchants to accept secure, contactless payments directly from their iPhones, without needing additional hardware.

Using the Wix Owner App and a compatible iPhone, merchants can seamlessly accept and process contactless payments through Wix with only an iPhone from contactless credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets. Tap to Pay on iPhone provides an accessible and easy way to streamline the payment transaction process and enable merchants to accept payments from anywhere. This method is a secure and trusted payment experience that provides Wix merchants with more flexibility to confidently grow their businesses, building upon Wix’s robust product offerings that help users manage their business at every touchpoint.

“Tap to Pay on iPhone lets merchants accept and process contactless payments in seconds without additional hardware,” said John Affaki, Terminal Business Lead at Stripe. “Wix merchants and their customers can use Tap to Pay on iPhone anywhere knowing they’re completing fast and secure payment transactions using iPhone.”

“We’re constantly evolving our solutions to help users efficiently grow both their online and offline sales,” said Amit Sagiv and Volodymyr Tsukur, Co-Heads of Wix Payments. “Tap to Pay on iPhone offers merchants a reliable and secure payment option to increase customer touchpoints and deliver new in-person experiences, ultimately optimizing their multichannel strategy and increasing the monetization of their offline sales. Our partnership with Stripe gives merchants the ultimate flexibility to sell anytime, anywhere – whether in-store or on the go, at their own convenience to never miss a sale.”

Tap to Pay on iPhone expands Wix’s broader POS offering which offers multiple POS solutions for users for in-person transactions.

Tap to Pay on iPhone is available on compatible devices to U.S.-based Wix Payments merchants using the eCommerce, bookings and events solutions.