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February 19, 2023
By admin

Amazon skips wholesalers in Europe

Ecommerce giant Amazon has decided to skip wholesalers in Europe. Instead, it will focus on sourcing products from brands. By doing so, it wants to ensure low prices for consumers. The online giant has sent an email to European vendors saying that it will focus on sourcing products from brand owners directly. According to the […]

February 10, 2023
By admin

BeCommerce and SafeShops will merge

Belgian ecommerce associations BeCommerce and SafeShops.be have announced a merger today. The new organization focuses on boosting Belgian ecommerce. Greet Dekocker, who assumes day-to-day management of the new association, informed Ecommerce News by phone that the new name and branding are still being developed. Both BeCommerce and SafeShops.be are organizations that aim to increase consumer […]