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The Benelux-based Maxeda DIY Group, a group of DIY retailers, is launching its own marketplace. It is the first DIY marketplace within the Benelux. At the launch, the marketplace already offers 10,000 new products on top of the current product assortment.

The Maxeda DIY Group consists of Brico, BricoPlanit and Praxis, which are DIY stores based in the Benelux. The current product range consists of 90,000 products, which are sold on the companies’ websites and apps.

10,000 new products

Now, the group is launching its own online marketplace. The marketplace will introduce partner sellers,bene which add 10,000 new products to the product range. Eventually, Maxeda wants to sell over a million products through the platform.

‘One-stop shop for DIY projects’

“Brico and Praxis want to expand the choice for our customers and enable them to complete their entire DIY project through our one-stop shop. The marketplace is a major contributor to this”, said Guy Colleau, CEO of Maxeda DIY Group.

‘The marketplace makes it easier to find all products in one place.’

“A large part of our customers start their search for products online. With the launch of the marketplace, we make it even easier for our customers to find all products for their DIY and garden projects in one place. With support from Mirakl, the marketplace products are seamlessly integrated into the websites and apps already known to our customers.”

Powered by Mirakl

The marketplace is powered by Mirakl, a French marketplace solution provider. According to the company, it powers marketplaces for 350 well-known brands. In 2022, the company was valued at 3.1 billion euros.


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