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Slovenia-based startup CartFox is launching a new feature: post-purchase SMSes. The company offers automated abandoned cart text messages to online retailers. With the new function, sellers can give customers additional discounts after placing an order.

ROI of 4500% or more

CartFox was founded last year and offers an automated abandoned cart text messaging solution. While the company is still in its startup phase, it already delivers its solution to more than 200 online stores. Its customers reached a return on investment of 4500 percent or more, said the company.

‘CartFox is used by more than 200 online stores.’

The solution can be integrated with ecommerce software from WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento. Most users are ecommerce businesses, but the solution is also used by other industries, such as tourism businesses and tech-focused SaaS companies.

Text messages to attract customers

In addition to its abandoned cart text messages, the company is now also launching a post-purchase text feature. This will attract customers back to an online store after placing an order, by offering sales or discounts.

‘These reminders can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.’

Additionally, the text messages can be used to ask customers to review the online store or to provide tracking information for the order. “These type of reminders can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. It can also drive repeat purchases”, said the company.

Automated messages available in 20 languages

The company already covers all European countries, as well as the US, Canada, Australia, India, Oceania and most of South America. The text solution automatically detects the language of the online store and sends text messages in the set language. It also has templates in 20 different languages, making the tool useful for cross-border sellers.


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