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The Velocity Checking (VC) system is designed to alert the Merchant when a certain number of transactions of a certain type reached a specified threshold.

This is a requirement that some Merchant Acquirers require a Merchant to have in place. The VC Rules page gives you an overview of all the rules that have been set-up on the Merchant’s account. The columns displayed for each rule are:

Action: From the drop down menu you can choose to either modify, deactivate, reset or delete a VC Rule.

ID: This columns shows the Rule ID.

Name: This shows the name of each VC Rule.

Type: This displays the VC Rule type – e.g. count, sum-value or max-value.

Threshold: This is the amount at which the VC Rule comes into effect.

Window: This column displays the time period set on the VC Rule.

Merchant: This is the Mex Merchant Merchant ID that VC Rule is set-up for.

Currency: This is the currency the VC Rule is set-up for.

Purpose: This column shows the transaction type the VC Rule is set-up for.

Outcome: This column shows the transaction state the VC Rule is set-up for.

Grouping: The displays the properties that are used to group the transactions (e.g. CardNumber).

Triggered: This columns shows the number of times the rule has been triggered.

State: This displays whether the VC Rule is active or not.