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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

If you wish to change your local time displayed in the MMS from GMT/BST, please contact your Support Manager to enable your preferred time zone on your chosen user account.

Please note – the local time selected on a user account will not affect the following areas:

  1. RT Agreements tab – Still displayed in BST/GMT.
  2. Reports downloaded – Still displayed in BST/GMT.

Local Time

In the Merchant Management System, the following areas will be affected by the user account time zone if enabled.  

  1. MMS Dashboard Live Transactions and Footer

1.1 MMS -> Dashboard -> Live Transactions.


1.2 MMS -> Dashboard -> Page footer. This will allow you to see what current local time zone is configured. For Example the below shows British Summer Time (BST).

  1. MMS User Details Statistics

2.1 MMS -> User/Account details -> Statistics

  1. Transactions Tab

3.1 MMS -> Transactions -> Transaction History

  1. Transaction Receipt

4.1 MMS -> Transactions -> Transaction History

  1. Reports tab

5.1 MMS -> Reports -> Reports Archive -> Requested column


  1. Payments for Invoice

6.1 MMS -> Invoices -> Pay


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