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As a Merchant, your ‘Invoices’ tab contains your invoices from the Gateway. This could include a monthly fee, along with any additional transaction charges. Within this tab you have the ability to pay the invoices via a card payment, along with downloading a copy of the invoice in a PDF format.

A full overview of this tab is detailed below:

Invoice Reference: This is the reference number found on the invoice PDF. When clicked you’ll be able to download a PDF version of your invoice.
Action: You can use this button to pay your invoice via card payment.
Payments: View payments made against this invoice.
Bill Calculations: This shows how your bill total was calculated
Invoice Date: The billing date of the invoice.
Transactions: The number of transactions made within the billing period (shown in transactional dates).
Transactional Cost: The total cost of your monthly transactions.
Flat Rate: The standard recurring fee (Paid in advance).
Total: The invoice total.
Total Paid: The total amount paid so far (and last method of payment).
Overdue: Whether the invoice has been marked as overdue.
State: Whether the invoice has been paid or not.