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Save up to 30%* on our Merchant Card Processing.

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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

The Dashboard gives an overview of the Gateway account. There are 2 tabs under the Welcome heading:

  • Live Transactions
  • Account Contacts

Live Transactions Tab

On this tab you can see the 6 most recent transactions that have been processed. There are a number of columns displayed on transaction pages. These columns are:
Account: This is the Merchant ID the transaction was processed on.
Cross Reference: This is a unique cross reference that is generated with every transaction. This cross reference can be used for a number of things, including refunds, re-running a transaction or reoccurring payments.
Customer: This is the name the customer has entered and the customers e-mail address (if supplied).
Payment Details: This shows the card/payment type, the masked card number and the expiry date.
Timestamp: This column show the exact time and date of a transaction.
Amount Requested: This column shows the amount requested from the cardholders card.
Amount Received: This column shows the amount actually received from the cardholder’s card.
Currency: This column shows the currency of the transaction.
Type: This column shows the type of transaction. Sale, Refund etc.
Order Description: This column shows the order description. This can be a unique description and/or code used by the merchant to identify a product or service.
3SAP: These 4 columns will show the status of the 4 security types used to verify a transaction.

3 = 3D Secure. Shows the status of 3D Secure.

S = Security Code. Shows the status of the CVV or CV2 code.

A = Address Verification System. Shows the status of AVS.

P = Postal Code Verification. Shows the status of postal code verification.

R = Risk Check. Shows the status of any third-party risk check.

State: Shows the full state of the transaction. Green means transaction OK, Amber means transaction may require attention and Red mean the transaction has been declined or failed.

You can hover the mouse pointer over these coloured boxes and all column headings for additional information if available.

Account Contacts

This tab contains contact details for the main account holder, technical contact and billing contact. To amend/update any of this information, please contact the Support team.