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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.

The Customers page gives you an overview of all your Customers accounts. From here you can select which Customer you wish to view.

The search box allows you to find customers from the list by searching using their Customer ID or Customer Name.

There are a number of columns displayed on the Customers page. These columns are:

Action: This allows you to configure a Customers billing plan and method.

Modify Contacts = Change the details for the Primary, Support and Billing contacts.

Set Billing Plan = Configure the relevant billing plan for the Customer for their monthly Gateway invoice.

Set Payment Info = Define the Customers preferred billing payment and any Gateway preferences.

Customer ID: This column shows the Gateways Customer ID for each active Customer.

Name: This shows the names of each active Customer.

Payment: This shows the Customers payment method of the Gateway invoices.

Status: This shows the status of the Customers account.

Active = Live and able to process.

Blocked = Blocked and unable to process due to an overdue and unpaid invoice.

View: This column shows which Customer account you are currently viewing.

You can hover the mouse pointer over column headings for additional information about each column.