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Dear Customer, We have launched AI powered KYC & KYB facility for New customer account opening.


As a Reseller, you have the ability to take advantage of using the Gateway’s white label billing system. The Gateway can invoice your Merchants on a monthly basis with optional charges such as monthly fees, inclusive transactions and transaction charges.

If you are taking advantage of using our billing system for your own Merchants, under ‘Customer Invoices’ you’ll be able to see each invoice generated and the state of the invoice.

An overview of this tab is detailed below:

Invoice Reference: This is the reference number found on the invoice PDF. When clicked you’ll be able to download a PDF version of your invoice.
Action: You can use this button to pay your invoice via card payment.
Payments: View payments made against this invoice.
Bill Calculations: This shows how your bill total was calculated
Invoice Date: The billing date of the invoice.
Transactions: The number of transactions made within the billing period (shown by transaction date).
Transactional Cost: The total cost of your monthly transactions.
Flat Rate: The standard recurring fee (paid in advance).
Total: The invoice total.
Total Paid: The total amount paid so far (and last method of payment).
Update: Manually change an invoice status.
Overdue: Whether the invoice has been marked as overdue.
State: Whether the invoice has been paid or not.