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As consumers move more regularly between online and in-the-store, small businesses need the latest tools to provide the same type of shopping experiences seen at big brand companies.


To make payments simple and provide small businesses with an easy-to-use portal to manage their website, inventory and marketing efforts – GoDaddy® (NYSE: GDDY) and Worldpay from FIS® (NYSE: FIS) have teamed up to launch Commerce 360, an omnichannel solution tailored to the needs of small businesses.


Commerce 360 is all-in-one omnichannel solution that allows small business to accept payments in any channel. With a custom, curated website and merchant dashboard, small retailers will be able to sell (on-the-go) at events through online marketplaces, as well as through social media. Its efficient setup will also allow merchants to be up and running quickly.


“Small businesses serve as the cornerstones of our communities and the engine that powers our economy,” said Christina Wagner, SVP, Worldpay Global Small Business Solutions, FIS. “It is our passion and purpose to enable businesses to thrive by providing holistic solutions and evolving beyond payments. Our Commerce 360 solution helps small business owners sell more in-store, online and anywhere in between while giving them real-time insights that help create superior customer experiences.”


“GoDaddy built our omnicommerce solution to be the easiest and most powerful way for small businesses to take advantage of the latest technology online and in-person,” said Prashant Nedungadi, Vice President, Commerce for Partners at GoDaddy. “Launching Commerce 360 with Worldpay from FIS, and having them join the GoDaddy Global Commerce Partner Program, enables small businesses all over the U.S. to keep their existing bank relationships while taking advantage of the latest technology.”


The partnership combines GoDaddy’s omnicommerce solutions with the trusted payments of the world’s largest payment acquirer1 in Worldpay from FIS. Through this collaboration, GoDaddy’s solutions will now be accessible to more merchants through Worldpay from FIS’ large network of merchants and financial institutions.

Further, Worldpay from FIS will be able to provide additional smart point-of-sale and eCommerce products to its small- and medium-sized clients.