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3-D Secure v2 settings are found under the 3DS Checks and PDS2 tabs of the Preferences section in the MMS. In addition to the previous 3DSv1 settings available, Merchants can now choose their 3DS policy, 3DS version and which exemptions they would like the Gateway to automatically apply here.

3-D Secure Checks Tab

Merchants can choose how and when 3DS is used in their transaction flow under the 3DS Checks Preferences tab:

3-D Secure Policy

Merchants need to choose how and when to request exemptions to Issuers. They can opt to Authenticate before or after Authentication.

Authentication Before Authorisation – Transactions submitted using 3-D Secure for authentication with an exemption indicator applied. The authorisation will then be submitted with the appropriate authentication data including the exemption indicator.

The authorisation may be eligible for the 3-D Secure liability shift.

Authentication After Authorisation, when requested by the Issuer – This bypasses initial 3-D Secure authentication and submits transactions directly to authentication with an exemption indicator.

If the Issuer accepts the exemption no further additional authentication is required, however the issuer has the right to request that authentication be performed and the transaction be resubmitted for authorisation with the additional authentication data.

The post authorisation authentication and authentication submission can be automatically performed by the Gateway or the Gateway can be set to decline the transaction and indicate it can be resubmitted if required (if the declined transaction is resubmitted you should request that authentication is performed before authorisation and not request an exemption again).

The initial authorisation will not be eligible 3-D Secure liability shift.

Select one of the options from the dropdown to choose which policy to apply:

1. Before Authorisation or When Issuer Requests (Default)

2. Before Authorisation Only

3. When Issuer Requests Only (Bypass)

4. Before Authorisation or When Issuer Requests (PSD2)

5. Before Authorisation Only (PSD2)

6. When Issuer Requests Only (PSD2) (Bypass)


The PSD2 options will perform the 3-D Secure authentication only if the transaction falls within the jurisdiction of the European Unions Payment Services Directive 2, otherwise it will behave as if 3-D Secure had not been required.


Specify if you wish to automatically apply a Low Value SCA exemption on qualifying transactions made on this Merchant account or an alternative exemption on all other transactions. The actual exemptions requested will depend on those supported by your Acquirer.

For further information about the exemptions see the ‘click here’ link or the 3DS Exemptions article.

Request Low Value Exemption


Request Alternative Exemption


Click ‘Update SCA Exemptions’ to save and apply any changes.


Not all Acquirers currently support all exemptions and the Gateway will ignore any unsupported exceptions requested.